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Session Options

We offer a few different session options at Lasting Strides.  This allows the program to be optimized to suit each person's unique situation.  Below you will find a brief description of each option.  Feel free to contact us for more information on any of the programs.

EAPD (Equine Assisted Personal Development)

EAPD sessions (age 8+) are one-on-one sessions where we use the horses to assist the participant gain a better understanding of their emotions and reactions. They are ideal for people living with mental illnesses or trying to overcome grief, as well as people wanting to develop their life skills, confidence, and self-esteem. We facilitate the client through a self-discovery journey where they explore healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, bullying, low self-esteem, etc... Each person's journey is unique and they will come to know more about the root of their emotions through this program as they are guided through both mounted and ground exercises with the horses.

Young Rider Program Ages 10-100


Our Young Rider Program is open to horse lovers (young in years, or young at heart!) that want to gain a whole new appreciation for horses in a fun, laid-back environment.  In this program you will get to spend lots of time with the horses, working them on the ground and under saddle.  You will learn everything it takes to be a horse owner, without the cost of buying your own horse!  On the weekends you will have the option of joining us for some group rides and fun barn activities - become connected with a barn family!

Space in this program is limited, but we do have a waiting list available.  Contact us today to find out more about how this program works.

Date Experience


Looking for something different than dinner and a movie?  Come try our Date Experience!

Through exercises with our horses (ground and mounted-optional) we will challenge your relationship's communication, teamwork, and trust!  Problem solve your way through our obstacles, learn about equine communication, spend some time being a part of our herd, and learn how horses can teach you to improve your bond with your partner!  Photos will be taken throughout the experience, and you will be emailed a selection of them to keep as a memory of your time at the barn.  You are guaranteed to come away from this experience with lots of laughs and a deeper appreciation for the role that communication and trust play in your relationship!

These 1.5-hour sessions can be booked during the day, evenings, or weekends! Couples, families, double dates, siblings, even best friends - these dates are for you!

Women's Wellness Weekends

Ages 20+ 

If you have been experiencing burnout, neglecting your self-care, or are ready to give your inner child the gift of living out the horse-girl dream for a weekend - these retreats are for you. Hosted periodically throughout the year, these 2-day programs will leave you rested, refreshed, and reconnected to yourself. Through guided groundwork, riding, and meditative exercises, you will find a serenity here that you have been longing for in your daily life.

Ladies Nights

Age 25+


These relaxing and fun evenings with the horses run year-round on Sunday afternoons in the fall/winter, and on weekday evenings in the spring/summer. Come for a peaceful sunset with the herd, complete with both riding and ground-based instruction - stay for the lasting friendships and connections these days bring! Ladies enrolled in this program are welcome to spend time here throughout the week as well, working on their bond with the horses on the ground or just spending a little quiet "me time" in our herd.

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