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Our Mission

At Lasting Strides we provide an experience that will impact your life and influence positive lifestyle changes.  We are dedicated to offering a place for people to find peace, purpose, and renewal.

Why Horses?

Horses are incredibly perceptive and sensitive to our emotions.  They cannot over-think a situation and are unable to lie, therefore providing instant and totally honest reactions to their handler's emotions.  This allows facilitators a better look into the client's personality, and may bring to light feelings the client themselves were not even aware of.

Horses are able to teach us so much about ourselves if we are willing to learn how to listen.  At Lasting Strides, our horses are valued as teachers and teammates.  In all of our programs, participants will learn how to read their body language cues to improve their horsemanship abilities, which we will always relate back to ways they can improve things in their life away from the barn.

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you are struggling with mental illness, overcoming trauma or grief, facing new challenges, or feeling lost and out of focus in your life - we are here for you.  Everyone can benefit from the programs we offer, and we are happy to walk alongside you through whatever you are facing. The ranch provides a safe space for healing, growth, and self-discovery - a haven in the midst of the chaos of the world.

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