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Meet the Team


Jade Dykstra

Owner, Founder (EAL Canada), Certified Equine Assisted Wellness Coach

Jade grew up riding horses and knowing that she wanted to make a difference in her community.  She starting Lasting Strides in 2013 after receiving her certifications in the Equine Assisted Wellness field.  Since then it has grown to be her full-time commitment, and she works hard to ensure you are receiving the best-quality coaching.

Jade was certified as an Equine Assisted Learning Coach in 2013 through Higher Trails and Equine Connection.  In June 2017 she became a founding member of EAL Canada.  She has been working with horses since 2002 and continues her personal and professional development every chance she gets.

Melissa Dimarco

Certified Equine Assisted Wellness Coach

Melissa spent most of her youth riding, training, and showing horses. She is experienced at working with family's through grief and loss, as well as children with neurodiversity and developmental disability.


Melissa got her EAL certification though EAL Canada and officially joined the Lasting Strides team in May 2022.


Want to come out and meet the herd? Set up a meet-and-greet to chat about session options and see the horses!

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